Idris Muhammad

Idris Muhammad (Arabic : drys MHmd; born Leo Morris, November 13, 1939 to July 29, 2014) is an American jazz drummer. He has recorded extensively with many musicians including Lou Donaldson, Ahmad Jamal and Pharoah Bernies, among others. Muhammad was 16 years old when he recorded his first session as a drummer on Fats Domino‚Äôs 1956 hit “Blueberry Hill”. Istanbul Agop Cymbals was Muhammad’s endorser. 2012 saw the publication of Inside The Music: The Life and Times of Idris Mohammed by Xlibris, which he co-authored with Britt Alexander. He was 74 years old when he died in 2014. After his conversion to Islam, he changed his name in 1960s. He married Dolores “LaLa”, a former member of the Crystals. She converted to Islam and went under the name Sakinah Muhammad for a while. In 1999, they separated. They have two sons, two daughters and one daughter, each from a previous marriage to Gracie Lee Edwards Morris. Pharoah Sanders’s son Idris was named after Idris Mohammed from Wikipedia

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