Igzit Nine

IGZIT-NINE is a current Japanese band, inspired by the best anglo-saxon Progressive jazz-rock school. It is formed by two former members of BRAIN SALAD, Noboru INOUE (Guitar, keyboards & percussions) and Emi HATSUSAKA (Keyboards & percussions). The rythmic section that appears on the first eponymous album has then left the group, replaced by that of SIX NORTH ! An obvious evidence of the musical style chosen, without even mentioning musical quality ! Recorded in the year 2003 on the Poseidon label (Distributed by Musea outside of Japan), this masterpiece is performed by real virtuosos, that are also true melody lovers. There is no acrobatic musical exercises to fear here ! Here are eight instrumental titles, dense and carefully written, linked at the speed of light. In the same vein as the best SIDE STEPS, IGZIT-NINE unites melodic sense and musical dynamism, with a feeling not unlike YES’. No doubt about it, KENSO is no longer the one and only king of the national scene ! from JJ’s Jazz & Such

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