Il Baricentro

IL BARICENTRO is an instrumental Italian jazz-rock/fusion band of the 70’s. Actually, most of their members come from the previous progressive band FESTA MOBILE. IL BARICENTRO only made 2 studio records between 1976 and 1978. The line-up is made of: Francesco Boccuzzi on keyboards, guitars & percussion; Vanni Boccuzzi on keyboards & percussion; Tonio Napolitano on bass & percussion; Piero Mangini on drums & percussion. On the “Trusciant” album, the band added 2 specialized percussionists. Thier music influences are VERY numerous: they are very percussion-oriented, and they include African & Latin funny ambiences with funky textures a la WEATHER REPORT. One can notice some similitudes with artists like PFM, TRIUMVIRAT , BRAND X, GOBLIN, HAPPY THE MAN, JOHN TOUT, PHIL COLLINS, BILL BRUFORD, EDDIE JOBSON and KEITH EMERSON. The 2 records are excellent, and I highly recommend the “Trusciant” album. “Trusciant” has real African & Latin elements; the 2 albums can be classified as jazz-rock/fusion music, and they have funky influences a la WEATHER REPORT. Unfortunately, IL BARICENTRO disbanded after their second studio album. They do not sound like the other conventional Italian progressive bands of the 70’s. They can easily be mistaken for a South American progressive band. Their music is a sure value, and the listener shall not be disappointed at all.

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