Impact Fuze

Russian-Canadian fusion-band Impact Fuze created on the ruins of the famous Alkotrio in early 2010. The IF participants play Alko – guitarist Fedor Dosumov (A’Studio) and bassist Anton Davidyants (gr. Nikolay Noskov, Shura, etc.), and the drum kit controls Frenchman Damien Schmitt (Damian Schmitt – Hadrien Ferraud, Alain Caron , Jean Luc Ponty et al.), today lives and works in Montreal, Canada.Impressed play Damien, participants Alkotrio contacted him through Facebook, and after a while Schmitt arrived in Russia. Just after the two-hour rehearsal of a new composition went on tour to Novosibirsk. The backbone of the repertoire was made of pieces of Schmitt and works of the famous album Baranina. In the late summer of 2010 was an attempt to organize a tour to Russia, but was able to play a concert not as much as hoped.In April of 2011 the musicians presented a self-titled EP’s and a new program at the fair Musikmesse in Frankfurt (Adrian Ferro, for example, recommends that a single IF). All three tracks to EP laid out in a group of IF (Moscow, Focused Power and Gladiator.)In August of 2011 Damian once again comes to Moscow the trio sits in the studio recording a full length album, began to record a second album (with vocal stuff Damian) and shoots video clip (photo shoot here.) Also in September, IF goes to tour of several cities of the CIS, in particular, to play a concert in Koktebel, Kazan, Almaty, St. Petersburg, Donetsk.)

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