Impulsive Machinations

New Atlantis Records presents Conformity contortion, the debut full length from Impulsive Machinations. Comprised of Thollem Electric on distorted Fender Rhodes, and kinetic drummer Sara Lund, the duo’s sound is monolithic, rollicking and forceful- the sum of Thollem’s coiling, fluid lines and Sara’s thunderous backbeats made manifest. Impulsive Machinations blossomed from Thollem Electric’s Keyngdrum Overdrive, a series of recordings documenting Thollem playing in duo with a wide-ranging cadre of drummers. Recorded with a digital portable stereo recorder, the sessions are informal and spirited, ably reflecting the prescience and symbioses afforded by great sessions of free improvisation. Sam Coomes (of Quasi and many more…) sums up the dynamic of Conformity contortion handily in the liner notes for the record… “Lund comes at improvisation from a rock angle, and Thollem comes at rock from an improvisational angle, and they collide in a volatile and elusive zone, where you can hear the thought process, the disposition, the musical history of the players as they push and pull each other into mutually simpatico musical spaces, on the fly… For me, the concept of freedom that really matters is, how free does the music make you feel?” This is Thollem’s second release with New Atlantis- the first, Dub Narcotic Session, documented his collaboration with drummer Brian Chase (of Yeah Yeah Yeahs). A brief cross-section of his many collaborators would include members of The Stooges, The Minutemen, Deerhoof, Wilco, Can, and many more. Some of his many projects include Tsigoti, The Hand To Man Band, and Bad News From Houston. Thollem has been touring perpetually for 7 years, and has released more than 35 albums of his own and in collaboration with others on 15 different vanguard labels. Sara Lund has been providing beats and exploring rhythm since age 11. She is best known for her work as the drummer for Unwound (1992-2002). Sara’s recent projects include Hungry Ghost, and The Corin Tucker Band, as well as both 77Boadrum & 88Boadrum orchestras with the Boredoms (and 76 & 87 other drummers). It is tremendously refreshing to hear her improvising on record, pushing the music and helping to forge a fresh amalgam in the process. This is music with a sense of place and reverence for that which has come before, unrepentant in its willingness to shirk the confines of genre for the sake of making something new. Conformity Contortion comes out June 24, 2014, via New Atlantis Records! from

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