Iris Ornig

Iris Ornig, bassist and composer, is one of the most innovative female voices in today’s New Yorkjazz scene. She has been playing with some of the most prominent contemporary jazz musicians in New York City since 2003, when she arrived from Germany. Downbeat Magazine’s Best Albums of 2013 award for Iris was presented by Downbeat Magazine. Iris Ornig’s IO5, a quintet that has captivated listeners all over the globe, is her latest project. Iris blends European tradition with modern jazz chords, blues inflections and improvised “riffs” to create swing rhythms and call and reply. It is fascinating and a mixture of many different styles. The band includes Brandon Lee on trumpet, Dave Finucane and Jonathan Markow on tenor, Iris Ornig on bass/compositions, Kobie Watkins, and Kobie Watkins.

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