Isabelle Olivier

Isabelle Olivier is a Jazzwoman, Composer, and Harpist. She brings a new dimension to the international musical world through her unique instrument. Eight discs and a DVD were recorded of her personal work. She also traveled to 22 countries to share her musical creations. She divides her time between France, the United States and her project with enthusiasm and glee. Many artists, including Adbellatif Kchiche for film, Emilie Vatantin, Michel Bruzat, Michel Bruzat, Agnes Varda and Adbellatif Kachiche for theater, music, and Trinity College London Master Classes, were attracted to her unique style. She is currently the ambassador for Salvi “Rainbow”, an electro-acoustic electric harp. She was the first composer and musician to be awarded the Villa Le Notre at Versailles Prize in 2015. She is now commissioned by Chicago’s Art Institute to perform and compose “In between Gauguin” in 2017. from

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