Isidro Infante

Talented Puerto Rican Isidro Infante was influenced as a child by listening to his father playing violin, getting involved in music at the age of 14 while participating in a band, which played songs by Santana and Chicago. Two years later, Infante was in charge of the backround music for Myrta Silva’s show. After taking private piano classes, Isidro Infante studied at local Conservatory of Music, getting a master’s degree in composition and arranging at Philadelphia’s Temple University in the late ’70s. Isidro Infante had the opportunity to work along with prominent numbers in the Latin scene, such as Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, and Johnny Pacheco, forming Isidro Infante & La Elite in 1994, soon after signing up to RRM Records. from allmusic

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