Issei Noro

Issei Noo (Ye Lu Yi Sheng noro Issei, born January 1, 1957 in Japan), is a Japanese jazz-fusion guitarist. He is also one of the founding members of the band Casiopea and is the main composer. Six solo albums were released, as well as a compilation. He is also an instructor at a guitar clinic and a producer. In his spare time, the guitar wizard likes to fish, cook, and perform magic trickery. Yamaha produced a guitar specifically for Issei noro in 1983. It was called the Yamaha SGIN (of course, I.N. These are his initials. He joined forces in 1987 with Masahiro Andoh, now T-Square guitarist, and Hirokuni Korekata, his studio musician. As a side project, they released 2 live albums as well as 1 studio album under Ottottrio. Issei noro, a guest musician, performed in 1989 with the Sega Sound Team. Casiopea announced that it would cease its activities on August 1, 2006. Issei has been exhausted by touring and recording continuously. The closest thing to a Casiopea reunion is that Akira Jimbo, Casiopea‚Äôs 1980-1989 drummer and 1997-2006 drummer, is now a member Issei’s new band “Inspirits”. The band also includes Jimbo and Noro, as well as Ohgiya Kento, Ryo Hayashi, and Yuji Yajima on Bass. The group has released two albums. from

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