Ivan Baryshnikov

Ivan Baryshnikov, a talented tenor saxophonist, and composer, is a Moscow native who moved to the Netherlands to complete his Masters at Prince Clause Conservatoire, Groningen. He recorded his debut album Journey during an exchange semester in New York. It is a musical story of his experiences as a transplant in two different countries, a new father, and an artist in development. The album features Marko Churnchetz, Ryan Berg, Samvel Sarkisyan, and Ryan Berg, as well as guest vocalists Hiske Evich and Mark Evich. Baryshnikov, who had spent years immersed in music and dance, decided to concentrate on the saxophone when he was 14. Baryshnikov decided to become a professional musician after years of immersion in music and dance. He was a descendant of an engineer family, and had always wanted to be one. His father was a musician himself, and he even built his own electric guitar. Ivan recalls that he introduced Ivan to Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. He also played Pink Floyd, Pink Floyd, and other classic rock artists. Baryshnikov first encountered live jazz in college. Baryshnikov was inspired by the professionalism, dedication, and skill of the musicians he saw. He set out on a new path in his life. Baryshnikov attended Moscow’s Gnessin Russian Academy of Music and spent two summers in Amsterdam at the Manhattan School of Music workshops. He studied with Jay Anderson, Jay Riley, Dick Oatts and Justin DiCioccio and was able to master the demands of post-bop. He continued his studies in Groningen, and then in New York where he studied with masters Seamus Blake and Guillermo Klein. Tsiganov, Boris Kozlov, and Donald Edwards formed an impressive rhythm section at Cornelia Street Cafe. Baryshnikov will soon be completing his Masters in Groningen and will then move to New York to delve into jazz full-time. He is poised to become one the most respected members of the scene. from www.ivanbaryshnikov.com

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