Jac Berrocal

Berrocal was born in 1946. He is a symbol of Parisian saturnine and nicotine-stained cool. But, he is also a unique individual: “Trumpeter” is not a suitable title for the musician, poet, and actor who grew up in the 1970s Paris improv scene. There, the lines between art, music, and theatre were blurred and open to being crossed. Berrocal was influenced by beat poetry, bebop and early rock ‘n-roll, as well as Eastern influences. His iconoclastic approach to instrumentation and technique, which would later align him with postpunk sensibilities, made him a pioneer in the underground during the 1970s and 1980s. His raucous performances were a hit with jazz and rock audiences, earning him the respect of many wise-ups. He was invited by Steven Stapleton to perform on two Nurse With Wound albums. Other notable collaborators include Sunny Murray and Lol Coxhill. His prodigious achievements in the 90s were celebrated on Fatal Encounters. But Berrocal did not slow down in the fall of his life. He continued to work hard, including studio dates with Pascal Comelade and Telectu, as well as Jaki Liebezeit. He released MDLV, his first solo album in 20 years. from http://blackesteverblack.bigcartel.com

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