Jack Nimitz

Jack Nimitz, despite his long and productive career has been overlooked. He did not get a chance to record his own session until 1995 for Fresh Sound. At 65, he was already a veteran musician. When he was 12 years old, he switched to the clarinet and then to the alto in his teen years. He began gigging at 15! Nimitz began to specialize in the baritone in 1949 and was soon playing with territory bands like those of Johnny Bothwell and Bob Astor. He was back in Washington, D.C., from 1952-1953, and then toured with Woody Herman (October 1953 – September 1955), and Stan Kenton (1955-1956). He was a regular member of the Savoy’s house band and spent another year with Kenton (1958-1959). After moving to Los Angeles, Nimitz was a busy studio musician. He also played with Bill Berry and Benny Carter and Gerald Wilson. Allmusic

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