Jaimeo Brown

Jaimeo Brown (pronounced jahm-mayo) is a rising star on the creative music scene. Jaimeo Brown, a 16-year-old drummer, began his career with Dartanyan Brown, his father and Marcia Miget, his mother, pianist and woodwind specialist. He was also accompanied by Sly Randolph, a Bernard Purdie protégé from Harlem. Jaimeo was a 2001 cum laude grad of William Paterson University’s famed jazz program. His first offer upon graduation was to be the drummer for Charles Mingus Big Band. He has been performing with many musicians, including Stevie Wonder and Carlos Santana. Q-Tip was also a graduate of the jazz program at William Paterson University. Jaimeo’s first offer after graduation was to take the drum chair for Charles Mingus Big Band. Hutcherson said that Jaimeo “allows me to play what is on my mind without compromises.” He continued, “His value to an artist lies in his personality, respectful nature, and his talent as a drummer, clinician, and composer.” Jaimeo also leads a group of young musicians in NYC who are rooted in African-American music roots and dedicated to keeping the music alive into the future. Jaimeo Brown Transcendence features J.D., tenor saxophonist. Allen, Chris Sholar, guitarist and co-producer. ( “….to go to Transcendence would be a great way to get a piece in history. Twenty years from now, jazz lovers will brag that they saw the show. These songs reflect his worldview as well as his spiritual awakening. He was inspired by the Gee’s Bend Spirituals of Alabama and wanted to share their music and art. Brown said that he focused on the music from the Gee’s Bend community, and the Black spiritual, as the source of the material due to its raw unfeigned expression. “Hope is abundant in these spirituals.” The original album weaves a tapestry that includes African-American spirituals as well as East Indian concepts, electronic textures and blues. “Transcendence”, which also features special guest pianists Geri All and Kelvin Sholar as vocalist Falu, his father Dartanyan Brown (ex Chase bassist), his mother Marcia Miget and Marisha Rodriguez, Jaimeo’s 2-year-old daughter Selah. His debut album will be out in April 2013. Allen asked Jaimeo to produce “Emmanuel”, using her concepts from “A Child Is Born”, [Motema Records] 2011. Jaimeo is proud to have recorded his fifth album this year with Greg Tardy, tenor saxophone giant, and his first recordings as a vibraphonist Joe Locke. In addition to the solo album, these recordings will increase Jaimeo’s reputation for playing percussion with power and taste. Jazz At Lincoln Center, Wynton Marsalis’ artistic director, chose Jaimeo as its 2008 jazz ambassador. Jaimeo has extensive experience in performing for and educating audiences across Europe, Eastern Asia, and Africa as an ambassador. Jaimeo strives to live a life of integrity and is one of many Jazz musicians who are well-known for being honest in their music. In New Jersey’s gritty areas, he has spent countless hours volunteering in the community to give music lessons at no or very low cost to children whose parents could not afford it. For the past 10 years, he has been a teacher artist at New Jersey Performing Arts Center. Jaimeo received his bachelor’s degree at William Paterson University, and his Master’s at Rutgers University. He also had the privilege of studying under the guidance of great educators like Rufus Reid and James Williams. Jaimeo was awarded the Ralphe Bunche Fellowship in 2007 to study at Rutgers. Jaimeo was also onstage and contributed program material to a PBS original production of Ralph Ellison’s “King of The Bingo Game”, under the direction of Marcus Shelby, a San Francisco composer and bassist. Jaimeo’s compositions have been performed at the Blue Note in NYC by Rutgers Big Band. Jaimeo has also worked with Rufus Reid and James Williams. Blue, Stefan Harris and Bishop Norman Williams. from http://jaimeobrown.com

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