James Clay

The main James Clay recording artist was a jazz pianist up until 2004. An Inpop label release of self-titled songs by a 22 year-old ex-member of what was described as a “controlling religiosity cult” has changed everything. Clay speaks out about spirituality in interesting interviews. He recalls how religious teachings were used to torture him as an infant. Clay felt the need to return to these teachings in a more peaceful part of his life. Clay worked in various labor types after leaving the cult. At 13 he was making pool cues in a factory and then he took on a cow-milking job at a nearby dairy farm. A few years later, he began to write songs. He was 15 when Franklin Park, one of his recordings, was recorded. Clay was a guitarist in a blues band and a chimney sweep. He also worked in a turkey factory as well as in a chicken factory. Clay joined a church group, and Mylon LeFevre, one of the first Christian rockers, heard him. Clay was able to start recording after receiving a positive response from LeFevre. Allmusic

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