James Taylor Quartet

The James Taylor Quartet has been the benchmark for funky acid jazz music for over a quarter century. They’ve quietly been a symbol of British creativity, with dozens upon mighty albums and legendary performances around the globe. The great artists didn’t let the grass get under their feet. Now James Taylor’s passionate musical curiosity has resulted in the most ambitious and exciting project JTQ has ever seen. Let us now introduce the album, ‘Closer to the Moon’. This is a unique and unheard-of album. The quartet has combined the best of jazz and classical music into a stunning and unexpected marriage. From the time the metronome starts counting in at the top o ‘Tick Tock,’ to the end of the filmic title tune, “Closer To The Moon” is an unforgettable listening experience that will be a career milestone. It also features James’s first ever lead vocal performance on “Closer to You” and the small matter of a Beethoven piano sonata. Taylor’s trusty Hammond, and the group’s ever-alluring Horns, are not content to deliver a variety of fresh jazz flavours on ‘Closer To The Moon’, which was released on his Real Self label. They also use a wide range of classical instruments, including celeste and vibes, harps, zithers, glockenspiel, harps, zithers, glockenspiel, and tubular bells. Many of these were custom-built for the bandleader. Taylor says, “I have been interested in classical music for a while.” It must be very good. When it does, it is amazing. It should explode in the same way as a Charlie Parker solo, which it often does.”

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