Jamie Davis

Jamie Davis is a great male vocalist. His powerful baritone voice, passion for his craft and compelling voice make him stand out amongst the rest. Jamie began his musical education in the Pentecostal Church choir in Mansfield Ohio. His distinctive bass-baritone voice gave life to liturgical music in Latin, Bach and Schumann. After a stint in the US Army, he sang the’show tunes’ and a variety of swing, jazz, and blues for Special Services’ elite group. He moved to San Francisco to sing with Melba Moore, Eddie Henderson, Melba Moor, and Milt Jackson after completing vocal coaching in New York. Exhilarating performances by The Count Basie Orchestra were the year 2000. Davis said that it was amazing to have all that sound behind one. You have to ride that current.” His repertoire, which includes Cole Porter, Stevie Wonder, and Charles Mingus shows his versatility and sophistication. His effortless delivery allows him to be in the same class as any of the great masters. Jamie Davis is a fine wine that has stood the test. He’s constantly innovating jazz standards, rolling out the blues, and performing with one foot in the ‘today’ and one in the past. from http://www.jamiedavis.com

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