Jane Bunnett

Jane Bunnett, multiple Juno Award winner has transformed her bands into showcases of the best talent from Canada, America, and Cuba. Her nominations include numerous Juno Awards and Grammy Awards. She was also honored with the Order of Canada. Jane Bunnett, an internationally recognized musician, is well-known for her creativity, improvisational courage, and brave artistry. Jane Bunnett’s exploration of Afro-Cuban music demonstrates the universality and beauty of music. Her ability to embrace the culture and rhythms of Cuba and show them off has been a major accomplishment. She has traveled the globe bringing her unique sound to jazz festivals around the world, showing her versatility as a pianist, flutist, and saxophone player. She is an educator, social activist, and spokesperson. Jane Bunnett, a Toronto soprano, saxophonist and flutist, holds an honorary doctorate in music from Queen’s University. She has built her career at crossroads between Cuban and jazz music. Twice nominated by Grammy Awards (Best Latin Jazz Recording 2002, Alma de Santiago, 2003, Cuban Odyssey), Jane Bunnett has been a regular nominee for Canada’s Juno Awards and won the Canada’s Urban Music Awards in 2003 for Best Global Recording. She was also honoured with an Order of Canada appointment in 2004. Toronto’s jazz virtuoso, she has transformed her bands into showcases of the best musical talent from Canada, America, and Cuba. Jane Bunnett, a great Cuban saxophonist and Paquito D’Rivera are among Canada’s most important artistic resources. Bunnett’s Cuban connection began in 1982, when she went to Cuba with Larry Cramer. Bunnett and Cramer found drummers whose rhythmic complexity freed the senses. Horn players who used their dexterity to deliver heart-stopping lyricism. Pianists who could make any old upright roar like death or sing like a love song. They were not fools. They took their horns and played along. Bunnett recalls, “Over the years, I developed relationships with many of Cuba’s legend musicians.” Bunnett recalls, “I had a great chance to learn the music on the streets and in their homes… that’s what’s fuelled my vision.” Bunnett has since gone from strength to strength and has released a series of highly acclaimed albums. Her home in Toronto’s west side has been a haven for many talented young Cuban musicians, many of whom are part of her group, The Spirits of Havana. Bunnett’s recordings include Embracing Voices and Radio Guantanamo. Embracing Voices, Jane’s latest release, is a departure from her previous efforts. It features vocals and guest singers for the first time, something Jane has never done before. Jane Bunnett is an established name in Jazz and World Music, but has not yet been mainstreamed. Jane Bunnett’s love for the human voice and previous collaborations with a variety vocalists at special events like the annual ‘Global Divas’ event, Embracing Voices marks her first recording. All tracks feature the vocal talents of some of the Jazz musicians.

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