Jane Getz

Jane Getz made an immediate impression in New York during the mid-to late ’60s. She then disappeared until she returned to Los Angeles in mid- to late-’90s. She didn’t quit jazz, but she did not leave music. Getz was a prodigy when she was a child. She switched from classical music to jazz at the age of nine. After living in Los Angeles and San Francisco, she moved to New York City at the age 15 and began playing jazz with Pony Poindexter. During her eight years in New York City, Getz was able to work with a wide range of jazz musicians, including Stan Getz, Charles Mingus (unrelated), Rahsaan Rod Kirk, Charles Lloyd and Pharoah Bernies (with whom she recorded for ESP). Getz returned to L.A. in the early 1970s and became a studio musician. Under the name Mother Hen, she was signed to RCA and began to play country music. She also appeared on numerous rock and pop albums, including with Ringo Starr and Harry Nilsson. After twenty years of being away from jazz, Getz began playing jazz gigs with Dale Fielder in Los Angeles. It was clear that her improvising abilities were still intact after all these years. She recorded No Relation (Clarion jazz) her first jazz album in 1996 as a leader. Allmusic

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