Jason Stein

Search under Locksmith Isidore for Jason Stein’s Locksmith Isidore. Jason Stein was born on Long Island, New York in 1976. Stein is one the few musicians who focuses exclusively on the bass clarinet. He studied at Bennington College, with Charles Gayle, Milford Graves and at the University of Michigan where he was taught by Donald Walden and Ed Sarath. Stein moved to Chicago in 2005 and recorded for labels such as Leo, Delmark and Atavistic. Stein has performed all over the US and Europe including performances at festivals in Lisbon, Cracow and Utrecht as well as Debreccen, Debreccen, Debreccen, and Ljubljana. He has performed with a variety of international and local musicians, including Rudi Mahall and Oscar Noriega, Jeff Parker, Rudi Maull, Jeb Bishop and Michiel Braam. from http://jasonsteinmusic.com

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