Jay Stewart

Jay Stewart, Superior Court Judge in Georgia, is breaking all the molds by taking center stage with his assortment of electric and acoustic instruments. He grew up in rural Southern Georgia and was the “hippest” kid there. The ride is just like the 10 soul-simmering songs on the collection. It’s a little bumpy and a lot of funky, but it’s also a lot of fun. Stewart’s friend, and now fan, Gregg Allman, has endorsed the album. Stewart began playing guitar when he was six years old. He listened to his father’s George Jones records and Merle Haggard records. He also played in church, and accumulated a variety of jazz, blues, and rock influences including B.B. King, Duane Allen, Eric Clapton and George Benson were among the many influences that Stewart absorbed, along with Larry Carlton. Buddy Owens, a local guitarist and fingerstyle legend, opened up a new world for him. Stewart studied fingerstyle masters Doyle Dykes, Chet Atkins, and Pete Huttlinger. Enjoy The Ride’s final track, the elegant acoustic dedication of Stewart to Teresa “Just For You,” showcases this side to his talent. Stewart jams along with some of the most talented session cats, including Emmy-nominated producer Jason Miles. His rich history includes recordings with Luther Vandross and Miles Davis, Sting, and his own jazz fusion band Global Noize. Enjoy The Ride’s basic tracks were recorded live at Bennett Studios in Englewood (New Jersey), with just one or two takes per tune. Stewart was joined by Neil Jason (Cyndi Laper, John Lennon, and Paul McCartney) and Brian Dunne (Hall).

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