Jazz Baltica Ensemble

For over 20 years now, JazzBaltica (Germany) has been representing a melting pot of known Jazz musicians and creative newcomers from all over the world. Thereby, the festival of Baltic Jazz has achieved to set standards for the international Jazz scene. JazzBaltica continuously promotes up-and-coming young artists. This includes artists from the local Schleswig-Holstein scene and highly talented young musicians from Scandinavia and the Baltic countries who have gained a definitive pulse in their careers by performing at the festival. JazzBaltica has been a part of the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival since 2002. As a core element of JazzBaltica since its beginning, each year the JazzBaltica Ensemble has been formed anew. With its rotating orchestration, this Small Big Band is made up of highly-gifted musicians from the Baltic region and performs special programs for the »Festival of East Sea Jazz«. The JazzBaltica Ensemble has come together for the past 4 years without a musical director. The compositions and arrangements instead come from within the group itself. from http://www.ars-baltica.net

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