Jazz Iz Christ

If you’re thinking of the Tankian from System of a Down, this musical endeavor is world’s apart from the metal world. But, if you appreciate modern jazz with a twist, this will do just the trick. Get ready for your foot to be tapping and your upper body to be swaying. from http://usmusicweekly.com Jazz-iz Christ is Serj’s brainchild, but truly is a collaborative effort between many musicians that Tankian curated to be part of the group and self-titled album. Among others, there are considerable contributions from renowned pianist Tigran Hamasyan, flautist Valeri Tolstov, and trumpet player Tom Duprey. Additional performances from Stewart Copeland and actor/musician Davis Alpay and Vincent Pedulla make for a very unique collaboration. The 15 tracks that comprise Jazz-iz Christ, a mostly instrumental effort except for 4 tracks, are an amalgam of progressive jazz, electronic, ethnic and even rock elements, displaying a unique presentation of the genre itself. from www.serjtankian.com

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