Jazzanova can be many things to many people. The Berlin-based, eclectic group has been producing, composing and remixing music, as well as DJing. Time Out New York describes their “very fertile musical universe” as “lighting a musical firebox” (Straight No Chaser, UK). They have “dominated the jazz-dance scene for the past few decades, both with their own label and with many remixes” (“Phoenix New Times). Jazzanova is constantly evolving and changing. Their early productions were sampled and programmed. They released “In-Between” on JCR025-2 in 2002. The “Belle Et Fou”-soundtrack was recorded by a full orchestra and band. Soul, their 2008 album, “Of All The Things”, was released by Sony Kollektiv SK111CD. Jazzanova has been touring internationally for the past three years with a nine-piece band. This culminated in their latest release, “The Funkhaus Studio Sessions” by Sonar Kollektiv (SK237CD), 2012. This album is their “live playlist”, which was a huge success at electronic-events such as Melt! The album is also available at Pop-festivals such as “Flow” and “Heineken Opener”, or “North Sea Jazz”, or “Capetown Jazz”, or “Java Jazz”. The full band plays this new production in the prestigious studios at the “Funkhaus Berlin Nalepastrasse”. It features originals from Jazzanova’s entire career. Jazzanova first met in Berlin’s club scene in the mid-Nineties. This was a time when “Mitte”, a small town, was still alive during the day. Auguststrasse and Rosenthaler Strasse were lively at night. The club was a haven for jazzy and funky music and became the birthplace of Jazzanova in 1995. They met there during a night of DJing, where they discovered truth in each others’ musical styles. Two years later, Jazzanova got its first big break when DJ and “Worldwide”-presenter Gilles Peterson aired “Fedimes Flight”, the collective’s debut-single, on his radio-show for the BBC. This song was released on JCR (Jazzanova Compost Records), the new label-platform they created in partnership with “Future Sound Of Jazz”, a Munich-based company. It was quickly followed by “Caravelle”, another international hit on the dance-underground. They were among the first DJs to be in demand around the globe, spreading their sound and ideas through inspired DJ sets. Jazzanova was also able to produce a number of remixes for other innovators such as 4hero and Koop. Jazzanova’s full-length debut, “In Between”, was released in 2002 to great critical acclaim. After five years of producing, compilations and remixes for many artists such as Common, Calexico and Masters At Work, Jazzanova’s full-length debut “In Between” was released (Jazzanova Compost Records – JCR025-2, 2002). It was followed by the seminal second album, “Of All The Things”, which was released by Universal in 2008. This album not only featured a richer sound-scape but also their collaborations with Paul Randolph (vocalist and bass-player). Randolph is a legend on the Detroit-scene. He is well-known for his productions with Moodyman, Carl Craig and Amp Fiddler. Randolph is not only a performer in the live-band but also co-wrote and sings the new song, “I Human”. Jazzanova is currently in a 15-year flow. They have gone from being an underground star to the high-profile success of the late 1990s and now they are a highly-sophisticated matter of course. This may be due to the fact that the members of the collective have different qualities and responsibilities. Axel Reinemer and Stefan Leisering not only manage the studio, but also compose, arrange, record, and mix all Jazzanova music. Since 2009, they also take over the directing duties and tour international with the Jazzanova live-band. Alexander Barck, Claas Brieler, and Jurgen von Knoblauch broaden the music’s appeal as DJs, not only on tour through the best clubs and festivals around the world but also on their weekly radio-program (formerly on MDR Sputnik and Radio Multikulti, now on WDR Radio 1) and the Kaleidoskop-club-night, as well as with the hand-picked releases of their label Sonar Kollektiv (www.sonarkollektiv.com). Jazzanova, despite all their innovative, inquisitive and sonically rich years together, continues to be a collective. Visit www.jazzanova.com

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