JazzBonez, an Austin-based trombone group, is well-known for its “eclectic” and high-energy performances. It has also been recognized as one of the most respected jazz trombone groups in America. The group was formed in 2006 during graduate school at The University of Texas at Austin. JazzBonez is composed of the trombonists Mitch Butler and Paul Deemer as well as Emede Gonzalez, Andre Haywards, Martin McCain, Javier Stuppard and Ulrican Wilkins. Austin Kimble plays piano, Kris Afflerbaugh plays bass and Patt Kennedy plays drums. The band is a jazz trombone ensemble and is dedicated to the promotion of the trombone as well as continuing the legacy of the great jazz ‘bone bands Slide Hampton, JJ John, Kai Winding, and the Capitol Bones. The ensemble was renamed Texas Jazz Bones in 2007 and won the International Trombone Association’s Kai Winding Jazz Trombone Ensemble Competition as well as the Eastern Trombone Workshop National Jazz Trombone Ensemble Competition. They have performed with well-known trombone players such as Reggie Watkins (Reggie Watkins), Bill Reichenbach, Harry Watters, Michael Davis and Reggie Watkins (Paul McKee). JazzBonez was a performer at the 2007 Eastern Trombone Workshop, Fort Myer, VA, and International Trombone Festival, Las Vegas, NV. JazzBonez was also featured at the 2008 TMEA Convention, San Antonio, TX, and the 2010 International Trombone Festival, as well as the Texas Jazz Festival, Corpus Christi TX, since 2008. JazzBonez continues to reach out to the community through performances at schools and other educational opportunities. JazzBonez recently released their debut album, Watch It! Summit Record labels. from http://www.jazzbonez.net

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