Modern Jazz quintett that has a unique, pop-/soul-influenced, fresh and groovy sound. Jazzodrom, an Austrian jazz quintett, was originally formed using the same instrumentation that the Cannonball Adderley Quartett. After playing a lot of Hardbop, Soul Jazz, the band started to compose its own music and created a unique, European-, soul-influenced Jazz with a strong emphasis on the groove. You can almost feel a pop approach to some songs, which is a result of the established experience of band members with solid pop-music. The songs are easy to listen to, but not boring. The Bands sound exciting through the entire CD. They are always fresh and groovy. The CD is a collection of very special memories and visions for the future. It’s very musically honest. It is important to take the time to listen to the songs and feel the emotions. This is especially important in these busy times where many people are too busy to notice the sensitive feelings around them. from http://www.myspace.com

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