Jc Stylles

New York-based Jazz guitarist JC Stylles (aka Jason Campbell), first touched a guitar at 7 years old. He was then introduced to jazz by his stepfathers jazz records collection in Kuranda, a small, aboriginal town in Far North Queensland Australia. He moved to Sydney at 16 years old, where he was able to see 2 shows per night and sit in the front row of George Benson, the jazz guitarist. His long-term development as a guitarist was influenced by this sponge-like absorbence at close quarters. He was also able to study simultaneously with a wide range of jazz legends, including John Scofield and Miroslav Vitous. After he immigrated to New York in 1992, Stylles continued his studies with Rodney Jones, Tal Farlow and John Abercombie. He also developed his skills in clubs such as Visione’s, before returning to Australia in mid-nineties to deal with personal matters. JC Stylles moved permanently to New York in 2005, where he released “Chillin’ at Home” and the “Live and Unveiled” recordings. Both are in the guitar/organ trio format where he has staked his claim. He concentrated his efforts on performing with some of the most respected Jazz Organists in jazz, including Dr Lonnie Smith and Tony Monaco. The Grammy-winning producer Jack Kreisberg is currently releasing his latest album, “Ex-hila-ra¬≠tion and other States”, which features Pat Bianchi playing the organ and Lawrence Leathers on the drums. JC Stylles’ Libran dedication to ensuring that jazz listeners have great experiences is what sets him apart. A video instructional tutorial revealing the secrets of effortless archtop right-hand technique for jazz guitar is another project currently in progress.

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