Jean-christophe Cholet

Jean-Christophe Cholet was born in 1962 and is one of the most unique French figures in the field of improvised musical. In 1985, he was a Schola Cantorum graduate in harmony, fugue, piano and harmony. He has been writing since childhood and also enjoys jazz. He has had the privilege of studying with Kenny Barron and Richie Beirach as well as Bill Dobbins, Bill Dobbins, Lee Konitz and Bernard Maury. He also participates in projects with Louis Sclavis and Charlie Mariano. He has been a soloist in Switzerland and participated in the Symphonic Projects of Mathias Ruegg, Claudio Pontiggia (horn), MatthieuMichel, trumpet player, and the Cholet-Kanzig-Papaux Trio. He is a European musician because of his research on European cultures and the concerts he gives in Germany and Austria. He is an artist with a lot of projects. His eclecticism seduces people. He is a passionate music lover and owner of CA du Jazz (certificate to teach Jazz), as well as a valuable teacher for amateur musicians in both explaining his music and introducing them to improvisation. from

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