Jeanie Bryson

Jeanie Bryson’s singing voice, which is both soulful and rare, is sultry and rare. Jeanie’s signature style is defined by her unerring sense for swing. Her warm, velvety voice and flawless phrasing are her best assets. Peter Watrous of the New York Times writes that she has “created a performance language rarely in its ability to portray both desire and humor”. He is right when he says that “the effect of intimacy” is true. Jeanie Bryson’s singing makes it feel like you are being cuddled up in front of a warm fire. It’s not surprising that Jeanie Bryson is a musical prodigy. She is the daughter of Dizzy Gillespie, a jazz legend, and Connie Bryson, a gifted songwriter. Jeanie learned from her mother how to craft a song. She brings that same sense of storytelling and lyricism to her music. Jeanie’s enthusiasm for performing and the joy it brings to performer and audience is a testament to the many nights spent with her father and his band, enjoying it all on and off the stage. Jeanie, who graduated from Rutgers University with a degree of anthropology, discovered her passion for jazz by taking advantage of Rutgers’s world-class jazz department. Her unique singing voice developed and she was able to make a successful career out of it thanks to Kenny Barron, her father, and her mother. Jeanie is an international performer and traveler who has toured extensively in North and South America, Europe and the Far East. Jeanie is a guest singer on many outstanding recordings. She also has five solo albums: “Deja Blue”, which was released on Koch Jazz; “I Love Being There With You” and “Tonight, I Need You So”, all on the Telarc Jazz labels. “Live at the Warsaw Jazz Festival 1991” import from Germany. Jeanie’s new project, “The Dizzy Gillespie Songbook”, is a fitting tribute to her father, which has been embraced by critics and fans alike. Jeanie pays special attention to her father’s music in a way only a daughter could – CON ALMA, – with soul. from

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