Jef Neve

Jef Neve (1977), a young composer/pianist, has been a prominent figure in Belgium. His fame is quickly spreading to other parts of the globe. He attended the Lemmensinstituut, Leuven, and graduated with master of music degrees in Jazz and classical piano in 2000. He was awarded ‘cum laude’ in 2001 for his specialization in Chamber Music. Jef began playing in local bands when he was fourteen years old. He composed many pieces during that time for a variety of ensembles, from piano solo to symphonic orchestra. He was 17 years old when he began playing in various jazz and pop bands. He was a member of the Belgian Boys Band ‘Get Ready’ and performed solo with the Flemish Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2002, he was the pianist/composer at the Contemporary Dance Company Dathe’ in London. The Jef Neve Trio’s first album, “Blue Saga” (Contour 2003), was immediately a success. The second album, “It’s Gone”, was the #1 jazz album in Belgium (Contour, Nov 2004). The prestigious Radio Klara award for “Best International Jazz Album 2005” was given to it. It also received unanimous praise in international media (ex. : “From Belgium comes Jef Neve, an explosively gifted young pianist whose second album, It’s Gone, is without question one of the best I’ve heard in 2005.” Meyers, 9/2005). In 2006, Jef Neve signed to Universal Music Belgium. His third album “Nobody is Illegal” was a huge success in Belgium. It received rave reviews and was again voted the best jazz album. Stuart Nicholson, 12/06: “On his major label debut, ‘Nobody Is Illegal”, his personal approach to the trio of pianos announces the arrival a young musician with enormous potential who has the potential for becoming a major voice in the European jazz scene.” The CD was also released in 20 other countries by Universal Music companies around the world. The album was awarded the “CHOC” award in FRANCE by the magazine ‘Jazzman”. It received 5-stars by Boris Rabinowitsch in ‘Politiken”: “Klaverfaenomen”. The cd was ranked among the “5 best new album” by the UK’s Guardian Monthly. It received 4-stars in the Times2’ as well as the Evening Standard. The Observer wrote: “His concerts almost feel like a religious experience. They are riveting audiences with the sheer power of his playing.” GERMANY’s magazine gave the highest quote of “20”: “Nobody is Illegal” is the best European Jazz. This album is essential for jazz, classical and music lovers. In ITALY the critic Roberto de Vitris wrote in ‘Altrisuoni’: “Jef Neve e l’uomo nuovo del piano jazz internazionale”. The ‘Irish Times wrote that Jeff Neve was leading a new wave in European Jazz. In May 2008, Universal Music Belgium released the fourth album “Soul in a Picture”. It was then distributed worldwide in 24 countries. All three concerts sold out at the main Belgian venues. The CD and international concerts received excellent reviews from the media around the globe. -JazzMan magazine: Spectacular. His previous album was a hit with critics and was awarded the ‘Choc’ Jazzman. “Soul in a Picture” is a great album that hits all the right notes and fulfills all of our expectations. » -Times Online: Neve would have been a celebrated pianist if he had been born in a jazzy city like New Orleans or Chicago. Jef Neve recorded his latest trio-album along with Teun Verbruggen, his longtime companion on drums, and Ruben Samama (a young Dutchman living in NY). “Imaginary Road” was first released by Universal/Emarcy in September 2010. It was also available worldwide over the next few months. The five most prominent venues in Belgium received 700-800 people standing ovations. The concert was also performed in Utrecht, The Hague Jazz, Holland, The Hague Jazz, and in Australia, Canada France, Germany, Japan, and Utrecht. Music World said: Jef Neve’s fifth album, Imaginary Road, is a confirmation of his status as a major European pianist. It was a challenge for the competition. » After their performance in Australia: » The guy is incredible, as a self-confessed atheist his concert became a religious experience…people were walking around after his concert gobsmacked…all his CD’s sold out after his first concert at Wangaratta…the trio is a world-class jazz act. » (Brian Saxby reporting at Wangaratta Jazz Festival.) The Trio performed at major festivals such as Paris Jazz and North Sea Jazz, Vienna Jazz Festivals, Montreal Jazz Festivals, Vancouver Jazz Festivals, Veneto Jazz Festivals, London Jazz Festivals, VitoriaGasteiz Jazz Festivals, Vitoria-Gasteiz Jazz Festivals, Vitoria Jazz Festivals, London Jazz Festivals, Vitoria Jazz Festivals, Vitoria Jazz Festivals, Vitoria Jazz Festivals, Madrid, Middelheim, Berlin, Athens. They were also the most well-known jazzband in Belgium. England, France and Germany. From

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