Jeff Herr

Jeff Herr (*1980 Luxembourg), began his musical education in 1991 at the Conservatoire de Luxembourg, where he learned Solfege and Latin Percussion. He also had lessons in Harmony, Piano, Latin Percussion and Harmony. He was able to stay until 2001 after he graduated in Solfege and Drums (Premier Prix, Prix Superieur). He was a Jazz musician at Conservatorium Maastricht from 2001 to 2005. His main subject was Drums. He also took pedagogic, methodic, and musical classes in order to earn a Drum set music teacher diploma. In 2005, he graduated with a successful diploma. He also completed a postgraduate program in 2008. Jeff studied with Guy Frisch and Al Ginter as well as Rainer Kind, Jamal Thomas, Arnoud Gerritse and Oliver Strauch. He also completed a postgraduate course in 2008. He formed his own band, Jeff Herr Corporation, in 2003 with musicians he met while studying in Maastricht. The band signed a contract with Waltzing-Parke Records (WPR), in July 2004, and recorded “Modern Times”, their first CD. It was released officially in January 2005. In 2007, “Conspiracy” was released as a second opus. The band has performed in numerous countries since then, including France, Germany and Romania. He joined the Soul/R’n’B band “Funky P”, which hit the charts with their debut single, “Smile Baby” in 2006. Their most recent EP, “Funk’d Up”, (2012) featuring the singles “Move Your Body”, “Funkamental”, and “World is Burning” still receives a lot of airplay at Luxembourg’s largest radio station RTL. He plays with Remo Cavallini, Luxembourg’s best Blues Guitar player, and regularly performs with Lata Gouveia (Austria), Singer/Songwriter Lata, and Pandit Deobrat Mishra (Indian Sitar Master), and Thorunn, a Luxemburg-based icelandic musician. Joel Heyard, Joel’s drummer, is another interesting collaboration. He founded the Duo JH Groove Factory with Thorunn in 2011. In autumn 2012, Jeff Herr Corporation was created through a collaboration with Maxime Bender (Saxophone), and Laurent Payfert (“Doublebass”) “Layer Cake”, the latest creation of the trio, was released by IGLOO Records/Editions SOWAREX in November 2014. It has been highly acclaimed by international Jazz media.

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