Jeff Kashiwa

Jeff Kashiwa, a Seattle-born jazz saxophonist, became well-known on the Seattle music scene as a member The Rippingtons’ fusion jazz band. Kashiwa joined The Rippingtons after Brandon Fields’ departure. Kashiwa studied every song in The Rippingtons’ library before he was hired. This made it seem easy for him to take the step into Field’s big shoes. Kashiwa’s first two solo albums (“Remember Catalina”) and “Walk A Mile”) were recorded during his time with The Rippingtons. Kashiwa quit The Rippingtons in 1999 to pursue a solo career. He was joined by Dave Kochanski (Keyboards/Synths), Melvin Davis (Bass), Allen Hinds (“Guitar”), Dave Hooper (“drums”), and Dave Kochanski (“Keyboards/Synths”). Paul Taylor and Eric Marienthal both played the sax spot in The Rippingtons for some years. Kashiwa returned to the group in 2007 for their 20th Anniversary Tour and continues to perform with them on occasion. Kashiwa gathered his saxophone friends and formed a new group in 2004 that would showcase the instrument as well as their shared musical passion for jazz and funk.

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