Jérôme Sabbagh

Jerome Sabbagh, a composer and saxophonist, was born in Paris. He has lived in New York City since 1995. As a leader, he has recorded five albums: “Plugged in”, “I Will Follow You”, and “Pogo”. Jerome Sabbagh played with Paul Motian, Victor Lewis, Bill Stewart and Billy Drummond. He also played at the Village Vanguard with the drummer’s New Trio, Ben Monder. As heard on “North”, (Fresh Sound New Talent), and “Pogo”, (Sunnyside), the Jerome Sabbagh quartet features Joe Martin, Ted Poor, and Guillermo Klein. It is a focus on original compositions. As heard on “One Two Three”, (Bee Jazz), the Jerome Sabbagh Trio features Ben Street, Rodney Green and Rodney Green. It is a focus on standards. “I Will Follow You” is a project that’s more free-form and features European drummer legend Daniel Humair, Ben Monder. Jerome Sabbagh performs a duet with Danny Grissett. Jerome is a sideman and has worked most prominently with Laurent Coq’s Quartet and Guillermo Klein’s Los Guachos. Jerome Sabbagh is now a member of the new band, which includes electric bassist Patrice Blanchard, keyboardist Jozef dumoulin and drummer Rudy Royston. Their latest album “Plugged in” will be released on Bee Jazz 2012, from allaboutjazz

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