Jesper Bodilsen

Jesper Bodilsen, a Danish composer, producer, and educator, was born January 5, 1970 in Haslev. He moved to Silkeborg at the age of three with his older brother and parents. There he stayed until he turned 18. His family was not musical. He was 8 years old when he discovered an old trumpet in the loft of his grandparents farm. He immediately became interested in making music with it. He was 10 years old when he was accepted into the school’s brass band. There he learned how to read music and play the cornet. Jesper received his first electric bass in 1984. He joined a pop/funk group one year later and got his first professional gig shortly thereafter. In 1991, he was admitted to the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus in Denmark. He studied five years and graduated with a Diploma in June 1997. He was also awarded The Memorial Bursary of Edward Eriksen in 1991 and was then hired to teach at the academy. Bodilsen was also a professional musician while he was studying at Aarhus school. He was invited to perform with American drummer Ed Thigpen, and American pianist Duke Jordan at two All Star Concerts at Riverboat Jazz Festival in June 1994. Bodilsen was thrilled to be invited to perform at these concerts. He continued performing with great jazz musicians like Joe Lovano and Jimmy Heath, Lee Konitz and Benny Golson. Many times, Bodilsen performed at BENT J, a legendary jazz club in Aarhus. Bodilsen moved from Copenhagen to 1995 and was immediately invited to join the Erling Kroner Dream Quartet. In 1997, he met Ed Thigpen once again while touring with various Aarhus- and Copenhagen-based bands. Ed Thigpen invited him to join his trio, and together with pianist Carsten Dal the trio recorded “It’s Entertainment” their first album in 1998. The album won the JazzSpecial Prize “Album Of The The Year” and was nominated for a Danish Grammy. Bodilsen recorded and played with Thigpen from 2005 to 2010. This 13-year-old collaboration has been documented on six albums. Jesper Bodilsen is passionate about music production, finding musicians that are interesting and creating new bands. For more than a decade, he has been co-producing songs for Katrine Madsen, a Danish singer. In 1999, he founded his first band, “Scandinavian Summit”. They released 2 albums and toured in Europe, SE Asia and China. In 2002, he started his own music production business. He has since produced over 15 albums and recorded with many top artists. Bodilsen was invited to perform at the Jazzpar Prize concerts in 1998, 2002, and 2004. The prize winner for 2002 was Enrico Rava (trombone player from Italy). Bodilsen performed 4 concerts with Rava and Stefano Bollani, Gianlucca Petrella and John Abercrombie. After the concert in Copenhagen, he asked Bollani to play again. They recorded their first Stunt Records recording “Mi ritorni mente” in March 2003, one year later. This trio album’s first issue was published as Jesper Bodilsen Trio. Bodilsen won the Django d’Or Prize for “Performer Of The Year” in 2004. That same year, the trio released “Gleda”, their second album. All the names of the trio were now on the cover. It reached number 4. The album reached number 4 on the Italian Jazz charts in 2005. It was nominated for the 2006 Australian Bell Award for “Best International Jazz Album”. The trio began touring Europe, playing clubs and festivals such as the Umbria Jazz Festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, and the legendary Birdland in New York. They recorded “Gleda” with Katrine Madsen. “Close to You” is their second album. It was nominated as the “Best Vocal Jazz Album” for a Danish Music Award. They recorded their second album after 4 years. They recorded again, this time with Manfred Eicher and the highly regarded ECM label. Many jazz magazines worldwide voted “Stone In The Water”, the album, the best trio recording of 2009. Bodilsen composed two songs for the album. He also recorded a new album with his songs, along with Peter Asplund (trumpet), Ulf Wakenius (swedish guitarist) and Severi Pyysalo (filipina player). “Short Stories for Dreamers” is a 2010 album that was highly praised for its tranquility and lyrical tone. Bodilsen was also a part the successful TV-shows “Sostiene Bollani” recently. Bollani was the host of the show. The trio did 6 shows on RAI 3 in the fall 2011. Bodilsen spent more time writing music than he did touring the globe and recording albums. His latest album, Scenografie, was released by Carosello Records in 2013. His music is a showcase of his talents as a composer and bandleader, bassplayer, producer, and musician. He mixed different moods and nationalities with Joe Barbieri, Nico Gori, Stefano Bollani and Paolo Russo, as well as the Italians Stefano Bollani and Joe Barbieri and the Swedish Ulf wakenius and Peter Asplund. 2013 was also The 10 Year Anniversary of the trio Bollani-Bodilsen-Lund. Ten years later, the trio recorded their first album. Marc Turner and Bill Frisell joined them in New York’s Avatar Studio to record a new album. In 2014, the album Joy Inspite of Everything was released and won the award for album of the year in Italy. Bodilsen has been teaching music since 1997, when he left the conservatory. Bodilsen has been a teacher at the Danish conservatories for many promising musicians. In 2012, he was elected chairman of Dansk Jazzmusiker Forening (Danish Jazz Musician’s Association), an association that provides education for professional improvisers. DJF organizes masterclasses and courses that are taught by some of the most talented musicians and instructors in international improvising. This gives the Danish musicians an opportunity to grow and inspire. Jesper Bodilsen, a world-class bassist, toured the globe and music critics said that Bodilsen has a warm sound and great dexterity. He also has almost perfect intonation. This makes him a calm performer even during volcanic eruptions. He is a lyrical musician whose fluid lines unfold with ease.” (JAZZTIMES.US). “Jesper Bodilsen’s bass playing continues to the theory that Denmark has great bassists.” (The Age.AU) “Stone In The Water finally gets the trio the international exposure they deserve – it’s the best piano trio recording of the year, where silence, the power of understatement, and the uncanny empathy that underscores this trio’s uncanny ability to empacou ( US) from

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