Jim Blomfield

Jim began classical piano lessons at a young age. However, his ability to improvise, compose and perform his own music and an interest in rock music made it difficult for him to follow the classical piano ethos. Jim made the decision to take music seriously at the tender age of 18. He began to devote more time to studying the classics and was enthralled in the music of composers like Chopin, Liszt, Bartok, and Chopin. Jim received a Dartington College of Arts music degree and was given the opportunity to study jazz piano. This partnership of improvisation and classical technique became a reality. Jim studied composition, 20th century classical music, and Balinese Gamelan, in addition to jazz performance. Jim is a versatile, engaging, and exciting pianist who moved to Bristol in 1991 to pursue a career as a composer and performer. He has been the preferred pianist to accompany many of the UK’s most prominent jazz musicians at various venues and festivals across the country. He also has long-standing engagements with the bands of two of Bristol’s most cherished artists, Andy Hague (who he has extensively toured the UK and recorded). His expertise in Latin and Salsa music is highly regarded and influences his playing style. Jim is part of the 18-piece ‘Dockside Latin Orchestra’ and regularly performs with Michel Padron, a Cuban trumpeter, in Latin and Latin jazz projects such as the Bristol Salsa Orchestra. His past work includes Septimbre, which showcases his intricate compositions and was featured on the ASC Records release ‘Peaks and Troughs. It also features original quartet pieces featuring Andy Sheppard. Jim’s arranging skills and diverse influences were also in evidence with commissions for the contemporary/crossover “Elektrostatic” concerts at Bristol’s Colston Hall collaborating with the Emerald Ensemble and producing works that contained both classical and jazz elements. Along with Kevin Figes, saxophonist, and Jeff Spencer, he also composed and co-led the acclaimed contemporary big band “Resonation”. Jim has been focusing on the trio format in recent years, and has long-term collaborations with Roshan ‘Tosh” Wijetunge (bassist and producer) and Mark Whitlam (drums). The group’s debut album, ‘Wave Forms u0026 Sea Changes’ (Pig Records), was a huge success. Their second album, Strange Beauty (Every Way Ok), was also released by Pig Records. It was recorded at Real World Studios. “Heard in full flow, pianist Blomfield sounds as fully formed as any of his better-known UK peers…” (Phil Johnson – The Independent) from www.jimblomfield.co.uk

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