Jim Norton

Jim Norton is a woodwind multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger. Jim is originally from San Francisco Bay Area and has performed with, collaborated and appeared with many artists in a variety musical genres, both here in the U.S.A and abroad. He currently resides at Seattle.
These are just a few of Jim’s most notable achievements:

Collaborations Jon Jang’s music with spoken words: Angel Voices: Rhapsody on Angel Island Poetry, Portrait of Sun Yat Sen in 2012, Toisan Railway, Oyama Canon In D in 2014 Post-Chromodal Out! –Hafez Modirzadeh (2012), Pi Recordings. “Wolf & Warp” (commissioned composition). India and Africa–Anthony Brown’s Asian American Orchestra (arrangements), 2010. Nuclear Whales Saxophone Orchestra -Japan tour. 2004 Ariadne. (opera).–Clark Suprynowitz. 2000 Relache. Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. (silent movies).–Clubfoot Orchestra Lincoln Center, New York. 1996 Women Warrior in Berkeley and Los Angeles with Jon Jang. 1994-1995 The Dragon Painter. (silent film).–Mark Izu. 1993 Monkey. (modern dance).–Fred Ho.

Jazz, Music and Arts Festivals San Jose Jazz Summer Fest California, 1998, 2007, 2010, San Francisco Chinatown 2011, 2013, Monterey, California. 1990, 1999. 2000, 2005 Chicago. 1992 Vancouver. British Columbia. 1991 Seattle. 1991. 1999. 2009 Verona. Italy. 1990 Freiburg. Germany. 1990 Montreux. Switzerland. 1978

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