Jimmi Roger Pedersen

Jimmi Rogersen (1965), Danish double-bass player and composer, was born in Copenhagen. After a brief time at Rhythmic Music Conservatory JRP, you begin to work as a professional musician. First, in a period of intense engagements in Copenhagen’s jazz and club scene. Then, as a house basse player at Dennis Swing Club, Hamburg, as well as at club, studio, and festival gigs throughout Europe. Solo playing on the streets. As an accompanist, I have toured extensively in Europe, including as a member of various groups in Sweden. France, England, Portugal, England. Italy, USA, Canada, and on recorded radio and television broadcasts. The duo that Horace Parlan and Horace Parlan have been together for over ten years. Today, he lives in Denmark near Copenhagen and has a secondary residence in Berlin. JRP started his own label and has released two solo bass CDs, Bass Only and Bass Beyond. Both are original music. The Press said about the CD, “The exciting and victorious Danish double bass player …”” and “Pedersen has-besides a brilliant tonal tone–a beautiful lyrical ear as well as an excellent melodic general view.” The Danish bass tradition was not only alive and well in concert, but also through teaching. JRP also published four booklets under the “Scandinavian Double Bass Technique” series. This school of basses explains and develops a technique that is very reminiscent of the NHOP. JRP’s playing is described by reviewers as “Remarkable and empathic,” exquisite sound, international class. Nominated as best solo instrumentalist in the worlds largest The 2009 JPF Music Awards Nashville, TN USA – Saturday, August 29th, 2009. from http://www.allaboutjazz.com

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