Jimmy Blythe

Jimmy Blythe, a native of Kentucky, moved to Chicago in 1915. He was a talented musician and composer, and found great work as a pianist at Paramount, Vocalion, and Gennett. Clarence M. Jones, his piano teacher, influenced Blythe’s playing style. Blythe was prolific and recorded many Blues and Jazz artists, including Blind Blake and Ma Rainey. He also made hundreds of piano rolls that were used in nickelodeons by the Capitol Music Roll Company. He was a part of dozens upon dozens of recording sessions. Many times he recorded with Southside musicians such as Jimmy Bertrand and Johnny Dodds. Although Blythe is known as one of the pioneers of Boogie Woogie piano playing, he was also a versatile musician who could play many styles. The Boogie Woogie song “Chicago Stomp”, is widely considered the first Boogie Woogie example. He died suddenly of epidemic meningitis in 1931. from http://www.redhotjazz.com

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