Joan Chamorro

It is remarkable to see Joan Chamorro’s influence on the development and growth of young jazz musicians in the Barcelona region. Small groups. Big bands. Singers and instrumentalists. He is an example of the highs that a dedicated individual can reach. Joan Chamorro (1962), is a Catalan musician. He studied classical saxophone with Professor Adolf Ventas at the Barcelona Conservatory. He also completed parallel studies at the conservatory and was awarded the title Bachelor Superior Taller of Barcelona. He is part of the band Big Band musicians workshop that performs at several European festivals. As well as Manhattan Transfer and Stevie Wonder, I also work with Big Band Bellaterra Big Band John Dubuclet and Big Band Jazz Terrassa. He is also involved in several projects with the Orchestra of the Teatro Libre. He also collaborated for a year with the theater group Comedians. They performed in festivals in New York, Santiago and Venice. He has worked with renowned musicians like Tete Montoliu and Frank Foster, Dick Oatts. Bebo Valdes. Ralf Lalama. Teddy Edwards. Frank Wess. Jessy Devis. Perico Sambeat. Lluis Vidal. Carmen Lundy. David Mengual. David Xirgu Mike P. Mossman. John Mossman. John Mosca. Bart Van Lier. David Allen. Bobby Shew Judy Niemack. He is also very passionate about music from the twenties and thirtys (Bix Beiderbecke, Louis Armstrong, Sydney Becher, Adrian Rollins, etc.). He currently leads an ensemble (Andrea Motis).

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