Joe Bonamassa

Blues-rock guitarist who started his career with Bloodline, before going on to start his own solo career. Joe Bonamassa was just 22 years old when he signed a contract with Epic. He had a childhood dream to play guitar like Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Bonamassa, a native of Utica, New York could play the blues even before he could drive a vehicle. At age four, he heard Stevie Ray Vaughan for the first time and was immediately captivated by Vaughan’s powerful playing. He opened for B.B. King at age 8. He opened for B.B. King at the age of eight, and was still playing upstate New York regularly at twelve. Bonamassa teamed up with Bloodline, which included other musicians’ children: Erin Davis (Miles Davis drummer kid), Waylon Krieger (Robby Krieger) and Berry Oakley, Jr. (son to the Allman Brothers bassist). Bloodline released an album titled “Self-titled”, but Bonamassa wanted more. He was a guest on Roger McGuinn’s summer tour of Jethro Tull in 2000. Later, he released his first solo album, A New Day Yesterday. The album was produced by Tom Dowd, a long-time fan. It marked a shift towards a more organic and rock-sounding direction. He formed a powerful trio with Kenny Kramme, bassist Eric Czar, and set out on the road in support of the album. So, It’s Like That. After returning from the road, he teamed up with Dowd and recorded the powerful and expansive studio disc So, it’s Like That. A New Day Yesterday Live was a record of the tour. Blues Deluxe was released the following year by Bonamassa, which featured nine cover versions and three originals of blues songs. The muscular You

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