Joey Stuckey

Joey Stuckey, an award-winning blind guitarist and songwriter, is a singer, composer and producer. He also serves as a radio and television personality, music columnist and educator. Joey is the official music ambassador of Macon GA. As a result of a brain tumour, Joey lost his sense of smell and sight as an infant. He was exposed to music as a child. His father enjoyed country music, and his mother loved opera. Stuckey was 13 years old when he contracted pneumonia. He had to spend a year at home. Joey says, “I loved my Saturday shows.” Joey says that he was a big fan of public radio. He listened to a show called “After Space” on Saturdays. It was produced and DJed by Rob Thomas, who became a close friend and remains a great friend. He was a radio host for shows such as ‘The Lone Ranger’, ‘The Shadow’, and many other classics. Joey was so fascinated by these stories, the sound effects and narration broadcasted in an accessible format for the blind were just incredible.” Joey realized that music was the right thing to do with his time. It started as a simple statement but has since become a passion. Joey was soon recording sessions at his home with various garage bands after this evolutionary phase in his life. Joey was amazed by the creativity of the musicians he met. Stuckey says, “I realized at that point that there were some things that I wanted to share the world.” “And I realized that music was the medium for that,” says Stuckey. Joey graduated high school at 14 years old and, at 17 years old, began his musical career with classical guitar lessons by Terry Cantwell (respected music professor). Joey attended Mercer University. He continued his musical education with Stanley Jordan, a jazz guitarist who is well-known, and then with Steven Crowell. Joey has achieved success in all aspects of his life, despite his limitations. His albums include ‘Take A Walk In The Shadows,’ (1995), and ‘Ironies, Pain And The Light That guides’ (1999). Joey married Jennifer in 2002. Jennifer is a certified nurse midwife in Macon. Shadow Sound Studio, a Macon recording studio, is owned and operated by Joey. It features both vintage analog gear as well as state-of the-art digital technology. Joey loves to promote music in many ways. is his 24-hour internet radio station. He showcases independent music from all genres. He is the featured music columnist on the webzine Portal Magazine. He also contributes to the music blog, “Makin It In Music,” where he discusses the intricacies of the music business. Joey recently took on the role as music publisher. He has an expanding catalog of great songs across multiple genres. Sign Wave Publishing (ASCAP) and Sociology Publishing (BMI), are his publishing companies. Joey Stuckey Band and his band perform all over the country. They have performed for legends such as TED NUGENT and BAD COMPANY. Joey also serves as a producer, composer, music columnist and sound engineer. He has also worked with musicians like HUGHIE THOMASSON, JIMMY HERRING, FROG WING and THE ALLMAN BROTHERS Band, MIKE MILLS, from R.E.M, and many other greats. Joey currently teaches students music theory and sound engineering. He is also a professor at Mercer University in music technology. He is no stranger to musical theatre, having served as the music director of Macon State College’s production in fall 2002 of “The Rocky Horror Show”. Joey is a talented young man who has a clear vision and is hardworking. He is highly respected by his peers and fans as well as many legends. from

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