John Crawford

John Crawford, an IMA nominee, was born in London to English/Spanish parents. His father was a Blues pianist, which is what he learned to play as a child. His mother introduced him to Latin music and he went on to perform at the Montreal Jazz Festival and North Sea Jazz Festival. The Independent Music Awards in the USA nominated his 2012 album “Ulia River of Time”, for best jazz album. .. .. He has also worked in Latin with the percussionists Giovanni Hidalgo and Airto Moreira, Eumir Deodato and Henry Fiol, Luis Felipe Gonzalez and Frankie Morales (Tito Puentes’ last singer), Bobby Matos and Adalberto Santiago, Luisito Santiago, Mariano Civico and Cano Estremera. He is also a founding member of Grupo X and a member the Pop/Jazz Crossover Project ISQ. He has performed with jazz musicians such as Tina May, Oliva, Lucky Ranku, Lucky Ranku, Lucky Shotham, Lucky Ranku, Lucky Ranku, Lucky Ranku, Lucky Ranku, Lucky Ranku, Lucky Ranku, Lucky Rank, Lucky Ranku, Lucky Ranku, Lucky Ranku, Lucky Ranku, Lucky es, Jumany, Babyface, Kirsty McColl and Babyface, Kirsty McColl. John has had a passion for dances since childhood. He has worked with many artists such as Heather Cornell and Junior Laniyan, Max Pollack, Junior Laniyan, Tobias Tak, and Rowland Sutherland. In 2010, Schott Music published “Exploring Latin Piano”, a book John and Tim Richards co-authored. It received rave reviews. The book “Brazilian Piano Collection” was published shortly after. John performed in Brazil’s Choro Festival “Chorando Sem Parar”. Oxford University Press published the 2015 book “Grooves for Two” in 2015. It featured John’s composition “Club Del Campesino”. from

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