John D’earth

John D’earth, born March 30, 1950 in Holliston (Massachusetts), is an American post-bop/hard-bop jazz trumpeter who has been recorded on several CDs by Bruce Hornsby and Dave Matthews. He currently resides at Charlottesville, Virginia. D’earth briefly attended Harvard University, but he decided to pursue his musical career. He was a member of Bob Moses’ early bands. With his bandmates Robert Jospe, drummer, and Dawn Thompson, singer (whom D’earth later married), he co-founded Cosmology (Vanguard Records). He is also well-known for his collaborations with musicians like Miles Davis and Buddy Rich. D’earth serves as Director of Jazz Performance at Virginia Commonwealth University and artist in residence at Virginia Commonwealth University. With other musicians, he plays at Millers on Thursday nights in Charlottesville. He also performs at Fellinis No. 9 every Saturday with Devonne (drums), Bob Hallahan(piano) and Pete Spaar (“upright bass”) John is a well-known jazz musician in Charlottesville. He also regularly performs with young, up-and-coming musicians as well as established players in the Richmond, Virginia, area. From Wikipedia

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