John Edwards

John Edwards, who had previously taken up the bass in 1987, co-founded The Pointy Birds. They won awards for their music for The Cholmondeleys or Featherstonehaughs dancing troupes. They performed at festivals in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Moers Leverkusen, Copenhagen, and elsewhere. Edwards was a London improviser who performed his first gigs around 1990 with Lol Coxhill and Maggie Nicols. Edwards was part of three touring groups between 1990 and 1995: B-Shops For The Poor (The Honkies), GOD and GOD. He also became a more regular player in London’s improvised music scene. He performed his first solo gigs and composed and performed music theatre. Street-busking was a common activity and Edwards appeared at numerous festivals in Germany. John Edwards, who has played with almost everyone in London since 1995, has been a “mainstay” on the scene. He has averaged 150 to 200 gigs per year. Evan Parker has been a regular player for him in many groups, as well as with Tony Bevan and Veryan Weston. He also plays with Elton Dean and Mark Sanders on drums. He is now a regular player on the European (and festival!) scene, playing at Taktlos and Ulrichsburg, Nickelsdorf as well as in New Zealand, New Zealand, and the USA. He continues to perform solo. from

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