John Greaves Peter Blegvad And Lisa Herman

Kew. Rhone. The concept album Rhone was composed by John Greaves (British bass guitarist, composer), and Peter Blegvad (American singer-songwriter, guitarist). This song cycle was composed by Greaves, with Blegvad’s lyrics. It was performed by Greaves, Blegvad, Lisa Herman, and other performers. The album was recorded in Woodstock (NY) in October 1976. It was released in the UK by Virgin Records in March 1977. On the cover, it was credited to John Greaves, Peter Blegvad, and Lisa Herman, but the record label listed the credits as “John Greaves” and “Peter Blegvad”. Europa Records issued it in the USA in 1978. Blegvad’s lyrics are on Kew. Rhone. Rhone is filled with “anagrams,” palindromes, and other verbal games. A CD version enhanced of Kew. Rhone. Voiceprint Records issued Rhone in 1998 with a multimedia track called “Kew.” Rom.”. It was a critical success but it failed commercially. AllMusic described it as “an unfortunately neglected masterpiece in ’70s Progressive Rock.” From Wikipedia

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