John Sheridan

John Sheridan, a swing and stride pianist, was born in Columbus in 1946. At eight years old, he was exposed to Benny Goodman’s concert at Carnegie Hall. He was already working as a professional pianist by the age of 13. After high school, Sheridan went to Capital University in Columbus and earned a bachelor’s in piano. He then enlisted in U.S. Navy 1968. He served in Washington, D.C. with the U.S. Navy Band until his discharge in 1972. Sheridan was enrolled at North Texas State University, graduating in 1977 with a master’s degree in music. He joined Jim Cullum’s Jazz Band in 1978 and remained there until 2002 when he decided to go freelance. Sheridan worked with Wycliffe Gordon and Jake Hanna as well as Ralph Sutton, Yank lawson, Dick Hyman, Wycliffe Gardiner, Wycliffe Gordon, Wycliffe Gordon, Wycliffe Hart, Wycliffe Gordon, Wycliffe Haridan, Wycliffe Gordon, Jay Hanna, Jake Hanna, Make Me Dream Some More (1999), They Can’t Take That Away From Me (1999), Get Rhythm in Your Feet (2002), Artistry 3 (2004), and many other musicians over the years. His many recordings, all on Arbors Records, owned by Rachel and Mat Domber, include Something Tells Me (1997) and Dream Band, Make Me Dream Somemore (1999), They Can’t Give That Away (1999), Get Rhythm In Your Feet (2002) and Artistry 3 (2004). Allmusic

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