John Stein

John Stein, an internationally renowned jazz guitarist, was born in Kansas City Missouri USA. He learned his instrument early on. He was a Berklee College of Music faculty member in Boston. He is also an Associate Professor in Harmony Department. John Stein is a skilled teacher, clinician and recording artist. He also writes. John has been a part of some of the most acclaimed jazz bands in the world, performing as either a leader or sideman. His compositions and performances span the entire spectrum of jazz styles. John is a prolific recording artist, both as a leader and for the contributions he makes to other artists’ projects. Emotion [WSC066] was his latest recording. It was released in 2014. John has been publishing educational columns in Just Jazz Guitar Magazine over many years. These columns focus on jazz guitar composition and arranging. Berklee Press published John’s arrangements in a book entitled Berklee Jazz Standards for Solo Guitar. He has now published the compositional material in two books: Composing Blues for Jazz Performance and Composing Tunes for Jazz Performance. John says that his music is the product of a lifetime spent playing the guitar and hours spent studying theory, composition, arranging and musical history. John’s warm, expressive and creative jazz performances excite and move audiences wherever he goes. Visit

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