Johnny Guarnieri

Johnny Guarnieri, 23 March 1917-7 January 1985, was an American stride and jazz pianist and virtuoso. He was born in New York City. Guarnieri’s use of classical piano and jazz to enhance and contrast with jazz, such as Scarlatti or Beethoven is another characteristic. Guarnieri recorded with many artists during the 1940s, including Charlie Christian[/artist], Ike Quebec and Charlie Kennedy. He also formed his own band, the “Johnny Guarnieri swing men”, and recorded with them on Savoy’s label. This group included Lester Young and Hank D’Amico as well as Billy Butterfield, Cozy Cole, and Cozy Cole. In the 1940s, he also led a trio consisting of him, Slam Stewart, and [artist] Sammy Weiss. They recorded again for Savoy. He recorded with his trio and solo piano for Majestic’s short-lived label in the 1940s. June Christy was Guarnieri’s 1949 album.

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