Jon Feldman

Jon Feldman, a Toronto-based musician, composer, and bandleader is eclectic. Feldman is an avid fan of the Fender Rhodes, and has performed and recorded extensively on the instrument. He is the leader and guitarist of Zebrina, a klezmer-jazz fusion group. They have recorded two albums together, including one for John Zorn’s Tzadik record company in New York. This recording featured Ben Goldberg (Tzadik recording artist) on clarinet. He is currently on rotation at Toronto’s Jazz FM radio station. His latest recording with Jon Feldman Electric Band features some of Canada’s most prominent jazz recording artists, including Bret Higgins (electric basse), Eric St-Laurent and Bret Higgins (electric guitar), as well as Andrew Austin (drums). Jon’s talent also extends into rock/pop music where he creates songs under his own name. Jon has worked with Max Senitt (drums), Colin Kingsmore(drums), Joel Schwartz, Joel Schwartz (guitar), David Buchbinder [trumpet], Peter Lutek (clarinet], Jonathan Kay (saxophone), Joshua Skye Engel (“guitar”) and Eric Stein (“bass”). His music has been featured in films. from

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