Jonathan Hughes

Jonathan Hughes has been creating electronic music since getting his first synthesizer as a teenager in the 1980s. Hughes has released a handful of CDs under the pseudonym Subspace, including the inventive two disc set Fluid: environmental sound modules one through ten and the wonderful Low Frequency Oscillator. Hughes collaborated with Mollusk (a pseudonym of Foundry founder M. Bentley) on four tracks (one of which is available on Mollusk’s 2001 Foundry release Accretions, and another of which appears on the Lost + Found compilation), and with Trillium Jonathan Hughes made his first solo appearance for The Foundry. The pieces on Trillium, all experiments with the 3/4 time signature, bring together different sound sources and styles into a unique and compelling collection of dreaming ambience.In 2004 Jonathan released Fluidities through The Foundry. A furher development of the ideas first presented in Fluid: environmental sound modules one through ten that includes work by many of the top talents working in ambient music. Hughes has also played Bass (his main instrument) with numerous bands in Buffalo, NY, including the world-music group Lotusflower. He has appeared on over 20 CDs, and has played keyboards and guitar, as well as provided engineering, mastering, and graphic design for numerous artists’ CDs from CDBaby

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