Jonathan Suazo

Jonathan was born in Puerto Rico on July 8th 1989 and was raised there. He became interested in the arts at an early age. His father, a graphic designer/saxophonist, had always been passionate about the arts. Jonathan inherited these passions and became interested in photography, painting, and music. At the age 12 he picked up the guitar of his father and began his studies at “Escuela Libre de Musica Ernesto Ramon Antinini” San juan. He graduated with a keen interest in Jazz music. The Music Conservatory of Puerto Rico formed the Jazz department. This was where he began to really get into the music. Jonathan was able to receive numerous scholarships from Berklee Collage of Music while he was in the Consevatory. He also attended the summer camps they offer every year in Puerto Rico. However, Jonathan decided to remain at the Conservatory in Puerto Rico, where he received his degree with distinction thanks to the great teachings of Mariano Morales, Ricardo Pons, Rafael “el Indio”, Martinez and Ricardo Pons. Jonathan has made a name for itself in Puerto Rico’s Jazz scene. He released his first album, “Extracts of a Desire”, (febuary 19, 2013,) and led his quintet at the Puerto Rico Heineken Jazz festival (march 22, 2013); Suazo also has shared the stage with many great artists such as Tony Mejias and Escapa, Luis Aquino and Miguel Zenon, David Sanchez and Charlie Sepulveda. Jonathan’s music is described as “Very emotionally” and has an Afro Caribbean/ Rock/Experimental feel to it. Through his music, he seeks to convey energy, life experiences and feelings as well as ideals.

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